Approval Addiction

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  • No. of Pages: 256
  • Product Format: Hardcover
  • Publisher: FaithWords
  • Language: English
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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A New York Times Bestseller

Do you live under a burden of guilt and condemnation, feeling unrighteous, unworthy or insecure? Are you always looking for the approval of others?

If so, God wants to free you from these negative feelings so you can enjoy more wholesome and healthy relationships—even the relationship with yourself.

In this book, Joyce provides a path to release you from the overwhelming need for acceptance from the outside world—an acceptance that is unfulfilling and leads to disappointment.

By examining what an “approval addict” looks like and how to get rid of those habits that foster addiction, Joyce provides a supportive voice and personal understanding of this issue.

Begin the journey today toward understanding yourself and learn how to accept who you are, regardless of your flaws…because we all have them!

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