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Making Marriage Work
Did you know selfishness is a leading cause of strife in a marriage? If your first thoughts when you got married were, Now what can he/she do to make me happy?, you’re in for some serious trouble. Each partner needs to look at marriage from the standpoint of giving…not getting.

A good marriage doesn’t just happen, no matter how wildly in love you were when you got married. It takes work.

This book will show you how to…
  • Take the focus off of you and your spouse and look to Christ
  • Speak God’s promises over your marriage and each other
  • Break through roadblocks that keep you from a successful marriage

Let God show you how to create peace and order in your heart and your home. Your marriage can succeed, thrive and even bless the lives of other families!

Hardcover: 320 pages

Over the past 50 years of married life’s ups and downs, Dave and Joyce Meyer have learned to love and understand each other better, strengthen their commitments to God and one another, and stay focused on what’s truly important in life. Pulling from God’s Word and personal experience, Joyce shares key components of a healthy marriage to help you pursue an exciting and fulfilling life with your spouse.

Joyce shares Biblical wisdom and personal insights to help you:
  • Laugh when “little things” get under your skin
  • Overlook your differences and find common ground
  • Appreciate the good things about your spouse
  • Trust God for the changes you both want to see
  • Free each other from the weight of expectations
  • PLUS, Joyce shares candid answers to meaningful questions about marriage during a special Q&A interview.

You may not agree on everything or share all the same interests, but with God’s help and direction, your relationship can improve and even flourish. Learn how to enjoy your marriage, and pursue the good things God has in store for you!

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