Five Lies (Download)

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  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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The enemy’s lies are like heavy chains that weigh on us spiritually, physically and emotionally. They can make us feel unsure about our connection to God through Jesus Christ—and incapable of having the joyful, fulfilling life He’s created us to live. It’s simply deception.

So why do so many of us fall for the enemy’s hurtful, destructive lies? Wouldn’t you love to know the truth?

This video download features five individual teachings based on the five most common lies Christians believe—about their health, finances, relationships, emotions and more.

This video download includes teachings from the following:
  • What You Need to Know About Money
  • Healthy Living—Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Emotional Healing
  • Dealing with Offense
  • Addictive Behaviors

Learn about the incredible freedom you have in Christ and let the enemy know you already have the victory.

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