The Power of Unity (Download)

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God’s plan is for us to live with peace, in unity with others. Actually, you can’t have one without the other. But offenses, bitterness, resentment, anger, judgment and criticism are common culprits that keep us from experiencing peace and unity, along with everything else God has in store for us.

In this video download, Joyce reveals how the anointing of the Holy Spirit is key to overcoming the attitudes and behaviors that steal our peace and damage our relationships.

You’ll discover…
  • What it means to be “anointed by the Holy Spirit” and how it helps you
  • The reasons we lose our peace
  • The benefits of being unified with others
  • Practical ways we can pursue peace with God, ourselves and those around us

You can begin enjoying the blessings God has for you when you “dwell in unity” with others. In Christ, you have everything you need to live in peace and have great relationships. Access what He’s given you and experience the blessings it brings today!

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