The Lord's Prayer (Download)

The Lord's Prayer (Download)

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  • Audio Run Time: 1 Hour
  • Video Run Time: 1 Hour
  • Includes: 1 Audio and 1 Video Teaching and Booklet
  • Language: English
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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It’s a familiar prayer. We’ve heard it many times and can even say it from memory, but do we truly understand what Christ is teaching us?

In this downloadable bundle of resources—which includes audio/video downloads of the teaching plus a pdf booklet—Joyce takes this familiar passage of Scripture and opens it to a much deeper level bringing fresh application.

You’ll discover...
  • Who God is as your Father
  • How to fulfill your true calling
  • What it means to really trust God to meet your daily needs
  • How you can beat temptation and avoid evil

When we understand how Jesus teaches us to pray, we can experience God’s amazing grace in everyday life. Listen to these messages and gain wisdom that can take your prayer life to a more intimate, empowering connection with God than you’ve ever known!

The Lord's Prayer PDF
What is the right way to pray? How can we have faith and confidence that God hears us and He’s working out all things for our good? As you study The Lord’s Prayer in depth in this informative booklet, you’ll find answers that will revolutionize your prayer life in amazing ways!

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