Emotional Healing (Download)

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  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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On our journey through life, most of us endure different kinds of abuse to some degree. Things like rejection, mistreatment, hurtful words and actions all impact the person we become. Unfortunately, we then tend to live our lives out of balance and, at times, out of control—not functioning the way God originally intended.

Is there a way to heal the scars? Is emotional healing obtainable?

In this video download, Joyce shares:
  • How to accelerate the healing process
  • The force of forgiveness and the power of release
  • A ten-step biblical process to receive emotional healing

There is hope for you! God wants to heal the hidden root of your pain. Like a bird released from captivity, God’s grace will enable you to face your fears, forgive others and break free from the pain of the past once and for all!

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