Better Your Day By What You Think and Say

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  • Includes: 21 Audio Devotionals
  • Product Format: CD
  • Language: English
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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Every day we have a multitude of choices to make. Some of the most important decisions we face are all about the thoughts we choose to have and the words we choose to say. The truth is, our thoughts and words have the ability to determine the direction of our life—so they matter more than we may realize.

In this eye-opening and inspiring 21-day audio devotional, Joyce Meyer will help you discover
  • How what you say affects how you feel
  • The impact your words have on those around you
  • Keys to instantly increase your joy
  • The blessings that come when you line up your words and thoughts with God and the wisdom in His Word

Spend a few minutes with Joyce each day for 21 days, and see how much better your life will be as you partner with God in transforming what you think and say!

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