Steps to Health and Happiness

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  • Audio Run Time: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes
  • Includes: 4 Audio Teachings
  • Product Format: CD
  • Language: English
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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God cares about every area of our life—spirit, soul, and body—and He wants us to enjoy it every day. Our health and happiness go hand in hand, and taking care of our body will strengthen our soul. Being stressed out, tired and physically sick will keep us from enjoying our life. Discover how to improve your health every day—and do it God’s way! When our body is healthy, we are happier and when we are happier, we will be healthier.

In this motivating teaching series, you will learn...
  • How our thoughts affect our health
  • Ways to strengthen your spiritual, mental and emotional health
  • Why it’s important to set healthy boundaries
  • How to set your mind and keep it set

When we work with God and do what we can do, He will do what we can’t do. Start balancing your life today!

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