Understanding Your Triggers and Avoiding the Trap of Offense

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  • Audio Run Time: 3 Hours, 54 Minutes
  • Includes: 4 Audio Teachings
  • Product Format: CD
  • Language: English
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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God wants us to enjoy a peaceful, happy life. He doesn’t ever want to see us trapped in anger and offense. His Word says we can be free! And when you decide to work with the Holy Spirit to develop a healthy conscience, you’ll be able to identify the areas in your life that are hindering your peace. In this series, Joyce encourages us to embrace a “new normal”—a life that is free of offense.

You will learn...
  • How Satan sets us up to get upset
  • Why hardships don’t have to hinder your peace
  • How to keep small issues from growing and taking root
  • Practical ways to confront the three main causes of strife

Each time the enemy tempts you to be offended...that’s an opportunity to embrace your “new normal!” Don’t let offense disrupt God’s plans for your life. Start enjoying the freedom He wants you to have!

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