Right and Wrong Mindsets (Download)

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  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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Do you ever feel stuck, dealing with the same old problems? If so, you may want to ask, What am I thinking? The truth is your thoughts are powerful, and they are the forerunners for everything else in your life—your words, moods, attitudes and actions.

In this series, Joyce teaches how to choose healthy mindsets from God’s Word so you can make progress in every season of life. You’ll learn how to:
  • Live with hope and expect God’s goodness each and every day
  • Let go of past disappointments and live “in the now”
  • Persevere through difficulties and never give up
  • Build your confidence and see yourself the way God sees you

You can take hold of God’s promises for your future! It all begins with renewing your mind with God’s Word and exchanging wrong thoughts for the right ones.

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