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  • Includes: Hardcover, Topic Cards and Audio Teaching
  • Product Format: CD, Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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Change Your Words, Change Your Life
It is easy to complain about how you feel or what the world is like, but will it really help you? The words you say really are a big deal. They have the power to increase or decrease your level of joy, affect the answers to your prayers, and positively or negatively affect your future.

Building on the premises of Power Thoughts and Living Beyond Your Feelings, Joyce examines the tremendous power of words, which are the vehicles that convey your thoughts and emotions. She also provides a series of guidelines for making sure that your talk is constructive, healthy, healing and used to achieve good results.

Topics included:
  • The impact of words
  • How to tame your tongue
  • How to be happy
  • When to talk and when not to talk
  • The corrosion of complaints
  • Do you really have to give your opinion?
  • The importance of keeping your word
  • The power of speaking God's Word
  • How to have a smart mouth

Also included at the end of the book is “A Dictionary of God's Word” with dozens of scripture verses Joyce recommends reading and saying out loud to help you experience the positive, healing changes you need in your life.

We are partners with God in this life, and He wants us to be in agreement with what He has spoken about us in His Word. As you read this book I believe you will gain new insight into the fact that as you change your words, you can change your life.

So, what do you say…?

Hardcover: 320 pages

Speaking the Truth
The key to the enjoyable life Christ died for you to have is found in this unique offer. You get 28 confession cards on subjects like finances, anger, weight loss, and fear. This combined with Joyce’s CD Your Words and Your Future, will empower you to start using words to build a better life!

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