Burnt But Not Bitter

Burnt But Not Bitter

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  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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Painful experiences like rejection, betrayal or disappointment can leave us bitter and focused on the people who have harmed us. We can get stuck in our place of pain, unable to move forward.

However, even when bad things happen, God wants to help us forgive, let it go, and trust Him to work it out for our good. He desires to take even our most difficult times and use them to make us stronger in Him.

In this series, Joyce teaches how to:
  • Forgive quickly and avoid the trap of offense
  • “Overcome evil with good” as you focus on loving others
  • Let God use your pain as a springboard for promotion
  • Develop spiritual endurance so you can outlast the enemy

Have you been “burned” by someone or something? If so, it’s not time to get bitter! The greatest thing you can do is forgive, place your trust in God and never give up, knowing He can take your pain...and give it a purpose.

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