Audacious Faith (Download)

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Unleashing the Power of Faith - Audio Download
Faith plays a role in our everyday lives more than you might think. You trust that the chair you’re about to sit in will hold you and that the lights will come on when you flip the switch….

It’s easy to have faith in the little things, but what about when it comes to trusting God? Do you struggle to apply that same kind of faith in Him?

In this three-part audio download, Joyce shares…
  • The importance of being faithful to God
  • Three steps to living by faith
  • Key scriptures to understanding faith
  • How walking in faith reduces stress and confusion

Someday that chair may eventually break and the electricity may go out, but God is the only one who will never fail you.

What Are You Going to Believe? – eBook
Believing is more than just wishful thinking. It’s a process that involves the thoughts you choose to dwell on, words you choose to speak and actions that you choose to take. We’ve put this downloadable book together to help encourage you with promises from God’s Word that apply to every area of your life.

Remember that where the mind goes, the man follows. So make the decision to believe God’s promises today!

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