8 Ways to Live Conflict Free

8 Ways to Live Conflict Free

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  • Audio Run Time: 4 Hours, 6 Minutes
  • Includes: 4 Audio Teachings
  • Product Format: CD
  • Language: English
  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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There’s a need in our world for peace and harmony. Sometimes it seems like no one knows how to get along—not countries, coworkers, congregations, or even families. But God can use you to make an unexpected positive impression on the people around you—showing them peace is possible with God.

In these four teachings, Joyce shares eight practical ways to achieve unity and keep the enemy’s hands off your closest relationships.

Discover for yourself how to:
  • Nurture relationships and behaviors
  • Discourage destructive behaviors
  • Be confident in Christ when people come against you
  • Reap the blessings of showing love to others
  • Follow the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in everything you do
  • Influence others to come up higher

With these principles at work in your heart, you’re well on your way to being an invaluable influence for God.

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