Pahappahooey Island - What About Me!?

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  • Video Run Time: 1 Hour, 7 Minutes
  • Includes: 2 Episodes
  • Product Format: DVD
  • Publisher: Impact Productions
  • Language: English

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Joyce Meyer has joined the cast of a new and entertaining children’s series called Pahappahooey Island as the lioness, Ruby. Join Ali, the main character, and her furry friends as they sing, laugh and explore in the colorful, adventurous Pahappahooey Island!

After discovering the island’s greatest treasure—a book with the Creator’s words—Ali and her island friends embark on a series of wacky new adventures.

This DVD features two episodes, including one based on Joyce’s classic teaching—What About Me?

"What About Me!?" is the first of the Pahappahooey Island series that features Joyce as the voice of Ruby the lioness.

In this episode, Ruby helps teach Ali and her friends an important lesson about selfishness.

Then in episode two, "Hide It in Your Heart," some important stuff begins to disappear. But the furry friends of Pahappahooey Island set out on a mission to find the culprits.

Free Download

Download this activity book so your child can learn how to continue hiding the Creator’s Words (the Bible) in their heart with these fun activities:
  • Create your own map to the Creator's Words
  • Decipher the secret code to working together
  • Make your own Pahappahooey Island friends
  • And many more!

For ages 3-6

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